9th IP Collegium meeting was held

JIPII held the 9th IP Collegium Meeting (online) in March 12 (Tue), 2024.

Usually, we held the meeting at home and abroad, but following from the pandemic of COVID-19, we have held the online meetings, and this was 4th online meeting.

The meeting was held from 13:30 (JST), and 31 members from 12 countries attended.

The theme was “Current Trends on SDG Activities in the Region”, and a speaker from 7 countries gave presentations. In the future, through the IP Collegium network, we will focus on the theme of solving environmental issues in each country using the technology related in WIPO GREEN, which celebrated its 10th anniversary since its establishment, and try to benefit the world.

The program and presentation data are able to find the following page;
Online Meeting of IP Collegium

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